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Tuomas A. Turunen is an award-winning Finnish jazz pianist and composer, known as a solo artist and as a member of several Nordic jazz groups, especially Emil Brandqvist Trio. He is a frequent performer at jazz venues across Europe and on festivals such as Jazz Baltica, Montreux Jazz Festival, Pori Jazz, Palatia Jazz and Getxo Jazz.
Tuomas lived in Sweden from 2004 until 2009 and studied jazz piano at the Music Academy of Gothenburg with Lars Jansson and Anders Jormin as his teachers. Since obtaining his Master of Music degree in 2009, he has been based in France, working as a musician, composer and entrepreneur. Tuomas has released 20 albums with his different groups and he was awarded the Jazz Scholarship of Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 2009. In 2010 he won the Jury's Special Price at Montreux Jazz Festival's piano competition.

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+358 50 353 8350 (Finland)
+33 640 10 00 27 (France)

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Bands & Projects

Emil Brandqvist Trio
We Are Birds
The Wine Composer
Skalle & Sharon

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Dec 16  Birdland, Hamburg (DE) | Solo piano
Dec 15  Emmi Musikschule, Flensburg (DE) | Solo piano
Dec 14  Schmitz Buchhandlung, Essen (DE) | Solo piano
Nov 28  Pakkahuone, Joensuu (FI) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Nov 23  Nefertiti, Göteborg (SE) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 17  Big Savoy, Maarianhamina (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 16  Åbo Svenska Teater, Turku (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 15  Vanha Paloasema, Oulu (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 14  Gusto Runin, Kuopio (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 10  Pakkahuone, Joensuu (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 09  Koko Jazz Club, Iisalmi (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 08  Miekkaniemi B&B, Viitasaari (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 07  Kaupin vastaanottokeskus, Tampere (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 06  WHS Union, Helsinki (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Nov 03  Kulturhuset, Halmstad (SE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 08  Kafe Hahn, Koblenz (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 07  Pianohaus, Wetzlar (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 06  Mariengymnasium, Essen (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 05  Jazzforum, Bayreuth (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Sep 13  Beethovenfest 2018, Bonn (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Sep 12  E-werk, Erlangen (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Sep 09  Kolvenburg, Billerbeck (DE) | Solo piano
Aug 11  Kasijazz, Riistavesi (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Aug 04  Palatia Jazz, Herxheim (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Aug 03  Scholss Elmau (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Aug 01  Kallion Kirkko, Helsinki (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Jul 20  ZDF studio, Berlin (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Jul 19  Maison de France, Berlin (DE) | Solo piano
Jul 08  Kurgarten Cafe, Bad Kissingen (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Jul 06  Südtirol Jazzfestival, Batzen Sudwerk, Bolzano (IT) | Hannah Tolf
Jul 06  Südtirol Jazzfestival, Parkhotel Holzner, Ritten (IT) | Anni Elif: Edith
Jul 02  Südtirol Jazzfestival, Weingut Pacherhof, Neustift (IT) | The Wine Composer
Jun 06  Kurtheater, Bad Homburger Poesie & Literaturfestival (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Jun 02  Elbphilharmonie, Elbjazz, Hamburg (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 26  Burg Vischering, Billerbeck (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 25  Kulturforum, Kiel (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 24  Kapelle im Vonderaumuseum, Fulda (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 19  Jazzfesten Halmstad (SE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 09  Illipse, Illingen (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 08  Theaterstübchen, Kassel (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 06  Kristuskirche, Bochum (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 05  Pfleghof, Langenau (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 04  Forum, Merzhausen (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 03  Tempel, Karlsruhe (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Apr 28  Vuotalo, Helsinki (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Apr 27  Laurentius-sali, Kannus (FI) | Solo piano
Apr 14  Festival Hors les Vignes, Marseille (FR) | The Wine Composer
Apr 13  Movimentos Festival, Wolfsburg | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Apr 04  Landskrona Teater (SE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Apr 03  Ystads Teater (SE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Mar 22  Kulturlounge, Nürnberg (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio & Max Moor
Mar 10  Hakasalmen huvila, Helsinki (FI) | Solo piano
Mar 07  Joensuun konservatorion sali (FI) | Solo piano
Feb 19  Rathaus, Illingen (DE) | Solo piano
Jan 05  Nikolaisaal, Potsdam (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio & Max Moor

Dec 19  Rantakylän kirkko, Joensuu (FI) | Valot Tuhannet
Dec 17  Valtuustosali, Juuka (FI) | Valot Tuhannet
Dec 10  We Jazz Festival, Helsinki (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Dec 06  Antonín Dvořák Museum, Prague (CZ) | Solo piano
Nov 26  Nordic Culture Festival, Seoul (KOR) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Nov 25  Nordic Culture Festival, Seoul (KOR) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Nov 24  Nordic Culture Festival, Seoul (KOR) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Nov 20  Kammerspiele, Ansbach (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Nov 17  Speicher, Bad Homburg (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Nov 16  Theater am Wall, Warendorf (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Nov 15  KFZ, Marburg (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 28  Umeå Jazz Festival (SE) | Anni Elif: Edith
Oct 26  Tenho, Helsinki (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Oct 24  Kulttuuriravintola Kivi, Tampere (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Oct 23  Keravan kirjasto (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Oct 22  Teekontor, Sylt (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 21  Festival Jazz du Plateau Picard, Maignelay-Montigny (FR) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 20  Leo, Dorsten (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 19  TIG, Mönchengladbach (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 17  Annedalskyrka, Göteborg (SE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Oct 05  Galway Jazz Festival (IRL) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Sep 30  Bière de la Rade, Toulon (FR) | Groovology
Jul 22  Kosterfestivalen (SE) | Anni Elif: Edith
Jul 21  Kosterfestivalen (SE) | Anni Elif: Edith
Jul 19  Festival Lez Arts ô Soleil, La Tour d'Aigues (FR) | We Are Birds
Jul 18  Jazz à Toulon (FR) | Groovology
Jul 12  Pori Jazz (FI) | Anni Elif: Edith
Jun 04  Inish Festival, Inishbofin (IRL) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
May 20  Torino Jazz Festival (IT) | We Are Birds
Apr 30  Casino de Seyne (FR) | Groovology
Apr 28  Jazzahead!, Bremen (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Mar 22  Novomestská Radnice, Prague (CZ) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Mar 19  Das Pianohaus, Wezlar (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Mar 18  Schloss Agathenburg (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Mar 17  Christuskirche, Bochum (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio
Mar 16  Schloss Landestrost, Hannover (DE) | Emil Brandqvist Trio


Nov 20  Textilmuseum, Helmbrechts, Germany
Nov 19  Langenau, Pfleghof, Germany
Nov 18  Kulturrathaus, Gießen, Germany
Nov 17 Jazz Syndicat, Saarbrücken, Germany
Nov 16  Treibhaus, Innsbruck, Austria
Nov 18  Kulturrathaus, Giessen, Germany
Nov 12  Forum des Mariengymnasiums, Essen, Germany
Nov 11  Birdland, Hamburg, Germany
Oct 29  Carelia-sali, Joensuu, Finland
Oct 26  Forest & Fotonics, Koli, Finland
Aug 03  Jazz-Espa, Helsinki, Finland
Jul 28  Beau Séjour, Saint Cyr sur Mer, France
Jul 23  Musiques & Vins festival, Assignan, France
Jul 22  Musiques & Vins festival, Assignan, France
Jun 08  Kurtheater, Bad Homburf, Germany
May 27  Veturitalli Classic, Outokumpu, Finland
May 26  Teatteriravintola, Joensuu, Finland
May 21  Christuskirche, Bochum, Germany NEW DATE: 2017 Mar 17
May 20  Jazzclub, Neumünster, Germany
Apr 28  Tempel, Karlsruhe, Germany
Apr 26  Theaterstübchen, Kassel, Germany
Apr 23  Forum Kultur, Heppenheim, Germany
Apr 22  Kulturforum, Lüneburg, Germany
Mar 19  ViiniExpo, Helsingin messukeskus, Finland
Mar 18  JazzArtFestival, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Feb 07  Brahe-sali, Lieksa, Finland
Jan 31  Ohto-auditorio, Kontiolahti, Finland
Jan 30  Kiteesali, Kitee, Finland
Jan 01  Es Saadi, Marrakech, Morocco

Dec 31  Es Saadi, Marrakech, Morocco
Dec 17  Joensuun kirkko, Finland
Dec 13  Brahe-sali, Lieksa, Finland
Dec 10  Juuan kirkko, Finland
Dec 04  Laurentius-sali, Kannus, Finland
Dec 03  Olivette, Kokkola, Finland
Nov 20  MJC, Aubagne, France
Nov 08  Nordic Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Oct 24  Joensuun konservatorion sali, Finland
Sep 26  Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany
Sep 24  Kulturforum, Kiel, Germany
Aug 30  Malmitalo, Helsinki, Finland
Aug 23  Holms kyrka, Sweden
Aug 6-13  W.A.B. in Haut-Lanquedoc, France
Jul 25  Palatia Jazz, Bad Dürkheim
Jul 23  Gezeitenkonserte, Schloss Lütetsburg, Germany
Jun 27  Open Jazz Festival, Hamburg, Germany
Jun 23  L'Atelier Rouviere, Marseille, France
Jun 20  Kolvenburg Billerbeck, Germany
Jun 19  Birdland, Hamburg, Germany
May 05  Café Théâtre de la Port d'Italie, Toulon, France
Apr 09  Folkets hus, Vänersburg, Sweden
Apr 07  Halmstads teater, Sweden
Feb 20  Studio 11, Toulon, France

Dec 04  Cookin', Borås, Sweden
Nov 28  L'Hôtel de ville, Bouc-Bel-Air, France
Oct 19  Musikfesten i Lerum, Sweden
Sep 06  Kulturnatt i Halmstad, Sweden
Aug 09  Palatia Jazz, Bad Bergzabern, Germany
Jul 11 Jazz à Porquerolles, France
Jul 05  Jazz à Porquerolles (les apéros Jazz à l'hôtel Le Provencal), France
Jun 17  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France
Jun 14  Studio Rolls, Marseille, France
Jun 07  Kosterfestivalen, Strömstad, Sweden
Jun 06  Kosterfestivalen, Strömstad, Sweden
May 16  Theatre St. Denis, Hyeres, France
May 09  Jazzriksdagen, Hässleholm, Sweden
Apr 05  Jazz festival St. Ingbert, Germany
Mar 16  Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium, Finland
Mar 15  Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium, Finland
Mar 13  Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium, Finland
Mar 11  Joensuun konservatorio, Finland
Feb 25  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France

Dec 20  Joensuun konservatorio, Finland
Dec 19  Brahe-sali, Lieksa, Finland
Dec 18  Ohto-sali, Kontiolahti, Finland
Dec 05  SR Sendesaal, Saarbrücken, Germany
Dec 03  A-Trane, Berlin, Germany
Dec 02  Birdland, Hamburg, Germany
Nov 28  L'Jazz, Ljungkile, Sweden
Nov 26  Nikolainsali, Jyväskylä, Finland
Nov 24  Laurentinus-sali, Kannuksen seurakuntatalo, Finland
Nov 21  Joensuun konservatorio, Finland
Nov 20  Mikkelin musiikkiopiston sali, Finland
Nov 07-10 Jazz à Dakar, Senegal CANCELED
Oct 28 - Nov 1  School tour, Lapland, Finland
Oct 09  Rökeriet, Strömstad, Sweden
Oct 01  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France
Aug 30  Beau Séjour, Saint Cyr Sur Mer, France CANCELED
Aug 25  Espace Culturelle, Le Pradet, France
Aug 22  La Table Des Coquelicots, Cotignac, France
Aug 07, Enslövs kyrka, Halmstad, Sweden CANCELED
Aug 02  Kosterfestivalen, Koster, Sweden
Aug 01  Kosterfestivalen, Koster, Sweden
July 31  Kosterfestivalen, Koster, Sweden
July 27  Jazz on the beach, Raahe, Finland
July 26  Jazz on the beach, Raahe, Finland
July 14  Jazz à Porquerolles, Hyeres, France
July 13  Jazz à Porquerolles, Hyeres, France
July 12  Jazz à Porquerolles, Hyeres, France
July 11  Jazz à Porquerolles, Hyeres, France
July 10  Jazz à Porquerolles, Hyeres, France
July 09  Jazz à Porquerolles, Hyeres, France
June 07  TBA, Aubagne, France
June 06  La Table Des Coquelicots, Cotignac, France
June 04  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France
May 31  Fort Napoleon, La Seyne, France
May 30  Le Rouge, Marseille, France
May 16  Théâtre Comoedia, Aubagne, France
May 07  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France
Apr 22-26  School tour, Hollola, Finland
Apr 19  Glenn Miller, Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 18  Glenn Miller, Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 09  Solo album release, canceled
Apr 2-5  School tour, Loviisa, Finland
Mar 26  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France
Feb 22  Le Littorale, Fos-sur-Mer, France
Feb 19  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France
Jan 27  Malmitalo, Helsinki, Finland
Jan 25  Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden
Jan 10  Le Rouge, Marseille, France
Jan 08  L'Asphalte, La Ciotat, France