Operet Cabaret! started successfully and aims also for international scenes

Operet Cabaret! -music show's opening season in Easter Finland was a very promising one. 3 out of 5 shows were sold out, and the total number of listeners was nearly 1.500.

Operet Cabaret! is going to other parts of Finland as well, and the production team is also planning for an international version of the show.

What is Operet Cabaret?
An eventful and gripping story filled with sparkling music; twenty arias from legendary operettas such as "The merry widow", "The Csárdás Princess" and "The Bat" performed by 4 opera stars and 2 virtuoso musicians.

The storyline of the show revolves around a cabaret club in Berlin of the 1920's. A powerful businessman is about to turn the club into a bank and it is the last evening of the club before its closure. But the cabaret host believes to have come up with one last chance to save his lifetime creation.

"Useless to recite all the highlights, as the entire show was nothing but highlights!"
– Antti Juvonen, Karjalainen

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